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 Full Body & Face - Enhances overall wellness

Swedish massage is the most common type of massage in the West, and one of the most popular worldwide. It differs significantly from the classic one, where the massage starts from the center to the toes, while the Swedish is the opposite. It starts from the toes, goes to the ankles, hips, and then the center. If you do not have that much experience with massages, or not at all, Swedish massage is perfect to start with.
During the procedure are used oils and towels to warm the body. The main purpose of this massage is to provide maximum relief to the body.
The purposes of the Swedish massage are:
1. Relaxes the body
2. Removes muscle tension
3. Lower blood pressure
4. Eliminates back pain & reduces joint pain
5. Reduce stress 
6. Boost immunity
7. Relieves headaches and migraine
8. Significantly faster healing of injured areas


Duration: 0h 45min
one session
£ 65
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Spa Swedish Massage Reviews

what our clients say

reviewed on 08/06/2023
I had massage with Mira that was very relaxing really happy with the service.
reviewed on 20/03/2023
Massage was relaxing and I felt refreshed after. Mira was friendly and explained the services available.
reviewed on 17/03/2023
i am very satisfied with the procedures. Thank you.
reviewed on 07/02/2023
Deep with Swedish combination was really good
reviewed on 24/11/2022
Had a wonderful massages, Mira was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to explain the procedure. She also gave a taster of her other services so I would know in the future which I would prefer. I left feeling completely relaxed and will def return Thank you Mira
reviewed on 24/11/2022
Really good massage
reviewed on 07/11/2022
Mira did a whole-body massage using effective techniques and adapting to my needs. She is a lovely therapist with a range of different treatments and amazing offers!
reviewed on 07/11/2022
Mira was so lovely and immediately made me feel comfortable. The massage was great, loved all the techniques and I will definitely be returning!!