Luxury and Spa Ladies Facial Treatments

Spa Facial

Luxury and Spa Ladies Facial Treatments - Spa Facial

Spa Facial treatment with HOT Towel & Face Massage 
Suitable for all skin types!

The procedure includes:
1. Cleansing 
2. Toner
3. Exfoliation 
4. Extraction ( only if it is necessary ) with a steamer 
5. FACIAL MASSAGE with HOT TOWEL & Nature oil
6. Mask or Anti-Age triple action serum ( Retinol VIT. C, Hyaluronic Acid)

Clean and refresh your skin!
Improves the collagen and elasticity. 

Please note that the use of jade rollers, gua sha, acupoint scraping massage, and ice globes may come at an additional cost for facial/massage treatments.

Duration: 0h 45min
one session
£ 65
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Spa Facial Reviews

what our clients say

Grace Carpenter
reviewed on 08/06/2023
Great service, personalised treatment, amazing and relaxing massage - overall really good facial treatment.
reviewed on 22/05/2023
Hi, Fourth time I went to the hydro facial. Very good , really really happy with the results. Mira is amazing and knows what she’s doing , very comforting. Thank you so much .
reviewed on 16/03/2023
I had the Spa facial with Mira today and it was the best experience I have had in a long time. I am definitely coming back again.
reviewed on 07/02/2023
This was so relaxing!! They gave a longer facial than I had booked in, which apparently they do every time! Super passionate about what they’re doing and the whole time checked I was comfortable with any treatments.
Mira Y.
reviewed on 18/01/2023
I would high recommend Hydrofacialandspa to all Women with Amazing Luxury & Spa treatments, Body massages and Laser treatment for all body hear removal. The atmosphere is clean, relaxing and hot Welcome with polite and knowledgeable staff. Thank you!
Gabriela Y.
reviewed on 18/01/2023
I had a wonderful treatment and would refer it to people with any type of skin condition. I have bought a course of treatments and it has done wonders to my skin as I had acne which is clearing away thanks to this therapy. It is always a very relaxing experience and I highly recommend Mira. Check out offers and the rest of the treatments as they are also very effective. Thank you!
Emily A.
reviewed on 18/01/2023
Thank you so much for the wonderful facial Mira! Was wonderful and relaxing, we will have to come back soon. Mira created a calm atmosphere and through facial experience.