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Amazing Spa Massage that improves not only the tired feet but also the state of our body.
The points of all Body organs & systems take place on the bottom of our feet (brain, eyes, ears, stomach, kidney, etc.).Through massaging, these points are stimulated and have a positive effect on a number of diseases and pains:
1. Headache
2. Neck pain
3. Pains in the ovaries
4. Migraine
5. Constipation
6. Hemorrhoids
7. Sleepless
8. Abdominal pains

The benefits of this massage are:
1. Improve blood circulation
2. Helps for better sleep & relax
3. Improve the metabolism 
4. Manage the Nerve system

If you take care of your feet it means you support the whole BODY TO BE HEALTHY WITH A STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Duration: 0h 45min
one session
£ 95 £ 80
- 15%
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Reflexology Spa Studio Massage Reviews

what our clients say

reviewed on 16/03/2023
Very relaxing
reviewed on 24/11/2022
Mira's reflexology treatment and massage was really good and I felt so relaxed afterwards. I really recommend her.
Medha V.
reviewed on 24/11/2022
Mira is a really well trained massuesse. She is friendly, professional and really understanding and flexible. I would highly recommend her!
reviewed on 24/11/2022
Mira gave me a fantastic treatment. The reflexology was so relaxing and left me feeling wonderful. She really listened to my needs and added some fun extra treatments within the hour,
reviewed on 07/11/2022
I am very satisfied with Mira's cosmetic services and am a regular customer of hers. Reflexology massage contributes to the good condition of the whole body and to the improvement of the immune system. After each treatment I feel better. Mira is a professional and I trust her completely. I can not wait for the next treatment. Highly recommended!