Hot & Cold Stone Massage

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Hot & Cold Stone massage - Full Body & Face.

Combination of SWEDISH MASSAGE with NATURAL BASALT HOT & MARBLE COLD STONES. The hot stones are heated to 50-60 degrees. They are different in shape and size depending on the parts of the body, on which they are placed on. Thanks to being rich in iron, the heat stays in them longer. This therapy is beneficial both physically for the body and mentally calms the mind. 
Stones can be placed on the stomach, spine, hands, and legs.

The purposes of the Hot & Cold Stone Massage are:
1. Eliminate the energy imbalance
2. Relieve muscle tense and   pain
3. Increase blood circulation, metabolism &  detox
4. Remove the feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs



Duration: 1h 0min
one session
£ 65
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Hot & Cold Stone Massage Reviews

what our clients say

reviewed on 20/03/2023
Excellent massage. Exactly what I needed.
reviewed on 23/01/2023
I had the combination hot stone, lymphatic and facial, and it was incredible. Mira was so knowledgeable and shared every part of the experience with me making sure I knew what was happening and that I was comfortable. It was a lovely massage and I am excited to go back!
reviewed on 18/01/2023
I had a hot stone, lymphatic and facial massage and it was a wonderful experience. Mira is very welcoming and calming, you can see she cares about ensuring the massage is comfortable.
reviewed on 24/11/2022
I really enjoyed my hot stone massage with Mira! She was very considerate and careful which made my experience comfortable and enjoyable! The massage was super relaxing. I'll definitely be back to try some of the other treatments available.
reviewed on 24/11/2022
This is my second time having a hot stone treatment with Mira. It was a hot and cold stone treatment. It was so relaxing and she explained everything to me at every step. It was so relaxing I was in and out of sleep. It was just what I needed. Thank you Mira.
reviewed on 07/11/2022
I’m Lina, I did hot stone massage with Mira. She is very perfetional and very welcome person, after I finished I fell very good and no pain. I will definitely come back again, thanks very much Mira ❤️