Deep/Swedish, Body&Lymphatic, Aromatherapy

SPECIAL OFFERS - Deep/Swedish, Body&Lymphatic, Aromatherapy

Unlock the door to the ultimate rejuvenation with our special combined massage package, which includes your choice of either Deep or Swedish massage, a Body&Lymphatic massage, and a complimentary Aromatherapy session. We've crafted this experience to pamper you from head to toe and leave you feeling completely refreshed.

Our Deep and Swedish massage techniques are renowned for their ability to soothe tired, stressed muscles. Whether you prefer a more intense deep massage or a gentler Swedish approach, both modalities utilize expertly applied pressure to alleviate muscle tension and stiffness. The result is a deeply relaxed and rejuvenated you. The Body&Lymphatic massage is a specialized therapy targeting the lymphatic system. By employing gentle, rhythmic movements, it enhances lymph flow, facilitating the elimination of toxins and boosting your body's immune function. This massage promotes detoxification and overall body regeneration.

As a delightful bonus, we're including Free Aromatherapy in this package. Aromatherapy harnesses the power of essential oils to create a soothing and pleasant ambiance during your massage, immersing you fully in the experience.
This combined package offers you the very best in relaxation and rejuvenation, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a comprehensive spa experience.We eagerly await your arrival at our spa, where rejuvenation and relaxation await you ❤️

Duration: 1h 15min
one session
£ 195 £ 139
- 28%
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